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Retail $6700 Tire Tires has 100% tread, It was mounted but never driven on  Dot is April 2012 
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255/70R22.5 Galaxy AR211-G 18PLY 142/139J TL All position Heavy Duty Tire 36.6" OD Load Capacity: 5842/5357 lbs Highest load in the industry
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Sumitomo ST909 11R22.5 16Ply 146/143L 5533052 11225
NextRoad by Pirelli 295/75R22.5 16Ply 149/146M 16Ply 3848300 29575225
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11R24.5 Next Road by Pirelli D79 Regional Open Shoulder Drive (Tread A) 16Ply 3848800
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11R22.5 Armstrong ADR 148/145L 16 PR LRH   
Samson RB-233 ST225/90D16 14Ply ST12023-2
Carlisle Radial Trail HD ST205/75R15 LRD Load D 6H04591
5.00-8 Deestone D306 Tube Type 8PR 5008
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11R24.5 R89 Closed Shoulder Drive 149/146L LR H 16PR
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Armstrong AOM1 11R22.5 16Ply 148/145K 
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Armstrong AOM 425/65R22.5 165K 20Py  Wide base, proven design for Mixed service applications.  This tire is designed to improve flotation and traction with a chip & cut compound that resists co...
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Armstrong ASR+ 225/70R19.5 128/126L 14Ply 1200044472
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Armstrong AOR2 235/75R17.5 143/141J 18Ply  1200042181
Armstrong ASR 255/70R22.5 140/137L 16Ply 1200044466 25570225
Armstrong ASR 285/75R24.5 144/141L 14Ply 1200044469
Armstrong ADH 285/75R24.5 144/141L 14Ply 1200036099
Armstrong ADH 11R24.5 149/146L 16Ply 1200036856
265/70R19.5 Armstrong 14Ply Premium All position
Armstrong AOM1 11R24.5 chip and cut resistant construction 11245
Armstrong ADH 11R22.5 148/145L 16Ply 
245/70R19.5 Armstrong ASR 136/134L 16Ply 1200044473
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Armstrong AOWH 315/80R22.5 161/157K 20Ply 1200054851 10,200 load capacity  An all position tire designed exclusively for waste-haul trucks with 10,000 pounds of single-load carrying capacity. Zigza...
245/70R19.5 Pirelli R89 136/134M 16Ply 3886400
225/70R19.5 Armstrong ADR1 128/126L 14Ply  1200040682
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Suretrac RT276 11R22.5 146/143L 16Ply 331005 11225
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Suretrac RT276 11R22.5 146/143L 16Ply 331012 11225
215/75R17.5 Pirelli R89 Trailer 135/133J 16Ply 3887000
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Suretrac RT276 11R24.5 146/143L 16Ply 331005
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Suretrac RT357 11R24.5 146/143M 16Ply
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Armstrong AOM1 315/80R22.5 20Ply 160/157J An all position tire for high scrub applications with a special zigzag tread design that offers extraordinary resistance to cuts, chips, tearing, and irreg...
Suretrac RT276 295/75R22.5 146/143M 16Ply 331008 29575225
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11R24.5 Pirelli R89 149/146L LR H 16PR
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11R22.5 Pirelli FG85 All Positions16Ply 148/145K 2849500
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11R24.5 Pirelli FG85 Plus 16Ply All Position 149/146K 2801600
11R22.5 Pirelli R89 Drive 146/143L 3271800 Commercial Truck/Bus. Open Shoulder Drive Position Radial Truck Tire for Regional Applications. Features Low rolling resistance tread compound together w...
11R24.5 Next Road by Pirelli AP79 16Ply all position 11245
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GALAXY DH241-G 16PR 146/143M TL 11R22.5 Regional Drive Tire / Yokohama Y571 Mold 683369-36
Goodyear G647 RSS 225/70R19.5 Load G 139172053
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GALAXY SR211-G 16PR 149/146M 11R24.5 All Position 674446-36 Regional Compound: Built for the Hawaii Regional Market  Durable casing for reliability & performance in the demanding regional marke...