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The SureTrac RT 578 is a very sturdy and heavy duty, 19.5 inch tire 
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Armstrong ASR+ 225/70R19.5 128/126L 14Ply 1200044472
Armstrong adr1 245/70R19.5 136/134L 16Ply 103066 1200040684
265/70R19.5 Armstrong 14Ply Premium All position
245/70R19.5 Armstrong ASR 136/134L 16Ply 1200044473
225/70R19.5 Armstrong ADR1 128/126L 14Ply  1200040682
245/70R19.5 Pirelli R89 136/134M 16Ply 3886400
Goodyear G647 RSS 225/70R19.5 Load G 139172053
Galaxy EZ RIDER R4 19.5L-24 12Ply TL 200439-36
OTR Outrigger 445/55D19.5 16Ply NHS
Harvest King Field Pro R4 Tractor 12Ply HBT19524 19524